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Today’s a big day in a lot of ways. The country is poised to hear the president tell us how a new set up in Congress will work together to achieve different results in the economy in the State of the Union address tonight. Hope was a key part of Obama’s election campaign, and it is said that he’ll use that theme again in his upcoming speech. Many of us are anxious to see if bipartisanship is really something people will do, or if they’re just buzzwords used to win elections or keep others from winning elections. NPR has a lot of great insights to prepare us for the upcoming speech. KACU will air the entirety of the speech along with the Republican response tonight at 8PM on 89.7 KACU in Abilene and the surrounding regions. You can listen online live at if you’re out of the area.

Elsewhere, the Academy Awards posted the nominations for the latest award series. Among the nominees for Best Picture, the true story of boxer Mickey Ward “The Fighter” starring Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg, Disney Pixar’s “Toy Story 3,” Christopher Nolan’s dream film “Inception,” the Coen Brother’s take on “True Grit” and others. These films are also nominated in most of the other categories as well. You can see that complete list of nominees here. Despite the list, there are a few snubs that have people talking as well. “Inception” has a pick for best picture but what about best director? Has there been a film maker in the last 5 years to accomplish on screen what Christopher Nolan has done in terms of amazing storytelling and mind-blowing screenplay? I’d argue not. Let The Dark Knight‘s $1 billion with a superhero be evidence of that. Other potential snubs include The Social Network, the real life story of the birth of Facebook. Speaking of superheroes but Andrew Garfield (who played Eduardo Saverin in the film) is cast as the new Spider-man, and he was not given a best actor nod. Ryan Gosling and Mila Kunis were also thought to have deserved a spot but not given one. A complete list of the noms, snubs and surprises is available here.

In music, there’s a few great albums that were released today. Among them are Amos Lee‘s Mission Bell, The Decemberists‘ The King Is Dead, a self-titled release from Young The Giant, and Iron & Wine’s latest Kiss Each Other Clean. I have a breakdown of the latest I&W release you can check out here.

Iron & WIne's Kiss Each Other Clean

More to come. Stay tuned.


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