A Tropical Heatwave

If you’ve seen the movie Grumpy Old Men, there’s a song that plays through the beginning and Walter Matthou sings it a bit: “We’re having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave.”  I have no idea who did the song, but it’s playing while the camera is showing shots of Minnesota in the winter time, groups of people in the snow and ice fishing.  It’s irony, or comedy in ironic portions.

Abilene got something similar to that this week.  “A Tropical Heatwave” might describe the exact opposite of what blew in.  I missed all of it, though.  I went to New Mexico to see family and while I was gone, the snow blew in and brought its whole family.  I read that the town shut down and so did the regional areas.  DFW is also out for a while.  You all who lived through this, please comment and tell me your experiences.

While it was frozen in Abilene yesterday, it was just starting to get cold in El Paso.  Last night the arctic blast blew in and today it’s 4 degrees with some snow.  El Paso is shut down now, the mountains are covered and they’re warning of rolling blackouts.  I keep checking the weather map and it’s much of the same across Texas. 

We’re going to try and leave out of here in a few hours, take I-10/I-20 back home and hopefully rejoin the force tomorrow or Friday.  What a wild week for all this to happen.   I know I missed a lot being gone, so please share your experiences and let me know what I missed.


3 thoughts on “A Tropical Heatwave

  1. Myra Laricks Dean says:

    Dave, DO NOT start home. Things are worse today and it’s not getting better. Gary is making service calls and says it’s the worst he’s ever been in since coming to Abilene over 30 years ago. It has started snowing again and it will be only 5 degrees tonight. Just sit tight. It MAY be better by Saturday. I don’t think you’ll make it. It literally is taking folks 2 hours to cross town….think how long it will take from where you are…and that’s if you don’t get caught on the Interstate (and plenty of people have been.) Please don’t chance it. ACU never closes and we’ve been shut down two days…even WalMart is closed!! I will worry myself sick if you try this. Stay where you are until we get some better news.

    • Well we did take off around 10A Mountain time and it was a great drive……until we got to Sweetwater. Then things slowed down and we went through a ton of icy places and slowed to about 20-30 mph. By the time we got to Merkel, it was a crawl pace. We sat on I-20 between mile marker 271 and 274 for 2 hours. We finally exited at 275 and took the feeder road to the Business 20/83 exit, which became South 1st after going through an icy hell. It took roughly an hour to get to John’s where we spent the night. It was like a horror film and I’m positive we survived on the prayers of everyone and God’s hand. Still trying to figure out how to get back to Clyde today. Thanks for everyone’s prayers.

  2. Betheny says:

    Even walking was bad. Tuesday was 5 inches of wet and slushy, overnight all that froze. My normal 7 – 10 min walk to the station became at least 30 mins.

    Glad you made it back safe!

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