Pharmicist’s mistake threatens life

I consider myself a trustworthy person. I guess I could even say I trust too easily. I used to think there was some people that you could trust no matter what. Your teacher, your doctor, a police officer, just to name a few.

The other day I came across a news article about pharmacists giving customers the wrong prescription. “Wow,” I thought. “I never second guess my pharmacist, sometimes I don’t even check the bottle.”

I continued to research the topic, there were many cases of prescription mess-ups. One of the most appalling mistakes caught my eye.

Safeway Pharmacist gives pregnant woman abortion medicine

The headline made me sick. Fortunately the lady was ok, the baby is still alive, although any deformities or other health problems could possible appear after the birth.

I began to wonder what the pharmacist would do in this situation. In this certain case, the pharmacist tried to help after the fact. After the woman recovered, Safeway submitted a letter of apology.

I think everyone agrees when I say, “”Sorry doesn’t fix it.”

So I write this as a warning, while this big of a mess-up might not happen to you, take precaution when going to the  pharmacy. Remember, that everyone makes mistakes, even a medical professional.


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