Winter Wonderland Brings School Slums

Many of us enjoyed the snow day we had last week as well as the snow week the week before that. Walking in the snow, watching our roommates fall in the ice and helping people get their cars unstuck from the snow were things I’m sure we all did.

Days off from school and work are nearly always welcome as well. But for the students at ACU and many other districts, four days off  in a row was a bit excessive. At the time as each police email came out canceling day after day, it felt good knowing that that was another 24 hours to put off doing homework.

But those days of wintery breaks are behind us now, and its toll is telling.

The workload that accumulated along with the ice has fallen on top of us like an avalanche and many of us are still a long way from digging ourselves out.

Tests have been pushed back, papers are due and to top it off, for many ACU students, Sing Song is looming.

The last hectic days of rehearsal combined with our normal responsibilities have been augmented by work past due.

Speaking with many of my fellow workers, church members and housemates the work now was not worth the break then.

The stress that the snow days brought, I feel, is horrendous.

Teachers, who in the past were lax about the workload during this particular week, now cannot afford to waste anymore time. All of the  extra time teachers may have scheduled into their syllabi are used up, and the workingman never had any down time to begin with.

But hopefully with the days of Sing Song ending, the weeks bring us farther and farther from the blizzard’s cold, and the cruel touch of the workload will ease.


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