Tacos to go? Thanks ACU…

Like the majority of college students I probably eat way too much fast food. Especially after I attend a university that is in close proximity to a number of fast food establishments. KFC, McDonalds, Rick & Carolyn’s…just to name a few.

Since my favorite type of fast food is Mexican, I tend to consume a lot of Rosa’s, Alfredo’s, and Taco Bueno. While some haven’t heard of the first two, I know that the majority of people (around here at least) knows about Taco Bueno.  I consider that place to be the big brother of Mexican fast food. After the recent Taco Bell beef “controversy”, I think we would all agree.

My idea that Taco Bueno is superior to other Mexican fast food chains was cemented by the fact that Taco Bueno was established by a fellow Wildcat.

William R Haugh, known by friends as Bill, graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1959 as an art major. In fact, the first Taco Bueno was built in Abilene. Since then the building is now a donut shop and different Taco Bueno locations have been established.

Now everyone knows that if you graduate from ACU you will achieve greatness. If this isn’t true, then just let me continue living in ignorant bliss.

Bill didn’t stop with Taco Bueno, he also helped create Casa Bonita. Casa Bonita was featured on an episode of South Park. I’m not a fan of that show, but I think being mentioned in a popular show can attest to greatness.

Just when I thought Bill’s story couldn’t get any better, I found out something that brings him to a new pinnacle of fast food greatness. Bill and his wife are responsible for the creation of Burger Street.

This man is a genius.

To those who are thinking that fast food companies are horrible and should be sued for the rising obesity rate in America, I say, “Don’t eat it!”  That leaves more for me.  I’ll say that on my way to the gym…

While I completely understand that fast food shouldn’t make up your entire diet, in moderation I see nothing wrong with a cheeseburger here and there.

Bill Waugh is just one example of an ACU grad achieving great things, but it is safe to say that Waugh’s accomplishments are the tastiest.


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