It’s an Irreversible Revolution

In Feb 20, the first nation-wide demonstration in China happened since 1989.

1989, after the tanks crushed young students’ dreams of reformation, the Tiananmen Square massacre became the deep cut inside the nation’s heart, ruthlessly hidden, covered, ignored and lied about.

Nevertheless, memories of blood can never be wiped off.

From yesterday, Words like “Jasmine,” “Jasmine revolution,” “KFC” and “Wangfu Jin” have been blocked in many big web sites, both in English and Chinese. Anonymous sources posted information online and organized this national protest. Thousands of internet users from several major cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin etc., responded the call and gathered in public.

“We want to end the time of the party monopoly. We want freedom of speech and democracy,” two young men replied when they were interviewed by a journalist. After the journalist had gone, police took the two men to the Yunnan Road Police Station nearby.

Some activists have been detained. The number of people who have been detained is not known.

During the protest, people spread Jasmine petals into the crowd. The police were irritated and started chasing and beating them, until journalists gathered to take pictures and question the police, “Why are you beating them for no reason?”

What’s happening in China is not surprising to me at all. When Tunisia first started protesting to corruptive government, I waited for the same thing to happen in China. In Tunisia, a college student burnt himself; in China, several self-immolation cases have happened last year, mostly because of the government’s violent demolition of their houses. Severe inflation, unemployment and the gap between the rich and poor can not be ignored anymore. Cheating, lying and bullying are the main trends of society. Chinese people are living without hope and dignity. Since the Internet in China is strictly restrained, or say “harmonized,”people uses codes to express ideas. Chinese Internet users created words like “democrazy,” “freedamn,” to express their anger to the government control.

Anger is like a long-rested volcano bursting out of its outlet.The February 20th’s Jasmine Revolution in China is not the end of the Chinese people’s calling for democracy. When the white Jasmine petals are spread to the people with its fragrance of democracy, many people believe that this is an irreversible revolution that will not be ended.



2 thoughts on “It’s an Irreversible Revolution

  1. Liz says:

    it has been a serious issue in China for a long time. what policy can be a perfect one? that is a question.

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