He Says He’s Jesus

As I read today’s daily crime report for Abilene (I know what you’re thinking, who reads that? Well, I do everyday.) I came across a report about a man that claimed his name was “Jesus Christ” when approached by an officer.

Here the exact excerpt from the report:
“Officer Ohnheiser observed a vehicle blocking the alley in the 1400 block of Beech. He contacted a 33 year old male who was in a back yard near the truck. The subject stated the truck was his, but refused to move the truck. He was taken into custody and Officer Ohnheiser asked the subject his name. The subject responded by saying his name was “Jesus Christ”. The subject was asked again his name and he refused to provide it. His real identity was later determined and he was charged with Obstructing a Highway or Passageway and Fail to ID.”

As a person with a very active imagination, this got me thinking about all the people who use the Lord’s son identity. Some people are really, really crazy.

Then you have the people who find Jesus’ image in the weirdest places. These people may not be crazy, but let me just say, I’ve never seen Jesus in a grilled cheese.

Take this latest story about a man in California, who says he found an image of Jesus in an old rocking chair that he planned on throwing away. The image is formed by the old wood and flaking paint. The man says it could be a sign of being blessed.

Here is the complete story of the “holy rocking chair.”

Ponder on that for a bit and be careful throwing away your old furniture.

As for me, I will stick to the Bible when I am looking for Jesus.


2 thoughts on “He Says He’s Jesus

  1. Zane Goggans says:

    I read in a “stange facts” blip that California has six people with the name Jesus Christ on their drivers license. I cannot verify that info, but that is really odd. Good post!

  2. keyi zhou says:

    Very interesting. Crazy world.

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