His Savior Prefers Wranglers

Just a few weeks ago, I was surfing YouTube in search of something to laugh at. I saw videos of laughing babies, stumbling giraffes, sneezing pandas and rookie sports announcers fumbling on their words. I enjoy watching people mess up on their words, speeches or reports. It’s funny to me. I can relate to them because I do it all the time. It’s nice to not take ourselves too seriously.

But I came across a video while searching “worse preacher ever,” and clicked on the first video on the list. A preacher by the name of Steven Anderson, an independent Baptist preacher at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona started preaching. Right away I could tell something was off… I had seen this kind of preaching before… from churches like Westboro Baptist Church, founders of godhatesamerica.com.

Anderson has spent entire Sunday mornings speaking on the term “pisseth” and how it is used six times in the Old Testament. He says that real men “pisseth against the wall” and the Germans do not. In a radio phone interview, he said he would like to see all homosexuals executed. In my opinion, it goes without saying that this man lives in absence of the Holy Spirit.

However, this particular sermon I watched was not about Obama, homosexuals, carrying guns or Jews. It was about Jesus… wearing pants. Not a robe… pants… like what I am wearing.

The entirety of the sermon was about how much less of a man Jesus would be if he wore “robes, dresses or skirts.” He also backed up his claims (or tried to) with Scripture from the Old Testament (when Jesus was not yet man). It was so important to him that Jesus wore pants that he spent an entire Sunday morning on the topic.

Here’s the deal… is it important that Jesus wore pants and not a robe? Is that the most important thing the church is facing? If so, then I think we are doing pretty well! Forget the fact that divorce rates are higher for Christians than non-Christians. Forget that 160 million 5-year-olds are malnourished.  Don’t worry about the fact that the United States is the #1 country in the world for child prostitution.  It’s not important that Abilene has 836 homeless children… Jesus wore pants! Hallelujah!

What is the most important thing that Jesus’ church is facing? The list of things above are good places to start. Is there any relevance for starving people to know that Jesus wore pants? Is that going to feed orphans or speak life and edification into people? Not a chance.

His savior wore pants. Revelation says my Savior wears robes dipped in blood.


One thought on “His Savior Prefers Wranglers

  1. Meagan Hernandez says:

    Great entry!
    I had no idea Abilene had so many homeless children. That’s horrible!

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