Remember the ’90s

I miss the ‘90’s. Sorry, but bring back Bill Clinton and the Spice Girls. I was fortunate enough to be born in 1988, so I was able to experience the entire 90’s era. Although if I would have been able to experience the ‘80’s I would work out with Jane Fonda and jam out to the latest hair band, and that would be AWESOME!

But I can’t complain the 90’s were full of scrunchies, pogs, and pop music.

Now I understand all the great technological advancements have been made since the ‘90’s, but some aspects of society would be much better if they took a blast back to the past.

Take for instance, cartoons. Remember The Animaniacs, Doug, Rugrats, Recess, and CatDog? Now poor kids have to watch a dimwitted sponge flip hamburgers.

Or even TV programming, in general. A perfect example was ABC’s ‘90’s Friday night lineup, TGIF. Primetime television packed with ratings gold. Family Matters with good old Steve Urkel, the dysfunctional family of Step by Step, and of course, who could forget, the comedic love story of Cory and Topanga in Boy Meets World.

Now the airwaves have been taken over by reality shows, if they can even be called that (cough, Jersey Shore, cough).

So while I blow the dust off of my Furbie, Tamagotchi, and collection of beanie babies, let’s all raise our can of Crystal Pepsi. (You didn’t stock up before it was discontinued?)

Cheers to the ‘90’s. Raise the roof.


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