The Sport That Kind Of Is…

I absolutely love my own opinions. That’s why I come up with them. I feel that my opinions are absolutely perfect and anyone who has an opposing opinion is wrong. But come on, who doesn’t feel that way?
I have always been a sports nut, and I like to think that I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to most sports. In sports, opinions can be just as serious and controversial as any other topic. Sports should be taken seriously… or… should they?
When it comes to deciding what a sport is, I used to be kind of choosey. In my mind, there were just some things that should not be considered a sport. If you are an American, typically the things that pop into your mind when you think of the word “sports” are football, basketball and baseball. Hockey may come to some people’s minds, but I leave that sport to our friends who have leaves as national symbols.
I used to be very careful when calling something a sport. For example, I used to think that golf was just a hobby that you could get really good at. I didn’t consider golf to be a sport because, to me, a sport was a noun followed by the word “ball.” Ping Pong, Frisbee, gymnastics, cheerleading, cricket, and at one point, tennis were just activities that people did. They were not sports to me. It was only a few years ago that I grew up, looked at the definition of sport, and realized that there are actually many more sports than I thought.
The very first time that I played tennis was in Searcy, Arkansas. I was at church camp at Harding University and we had a lot of recreation time during the day. My friends, who played tennis, decided to hit up the courts. I followed suit thinking that it wouldn’t be that hard… Needless to say, I was demolished. For a lack of a better word, I sucked. I still may be choosy, but I decided then and there that tennis was indeed a sport. As the years have gone by, I have come to accept the other “hobbies” that I mentioned to be sports as well.
HOWEVER, there are still those “activities.” In my world, and I hope in yours as well, toe wrestling is not a sport. As gross as toe wrestling sounds, it has quite a following.
Toe wrestling is an activity that is actually growing in popularity in the United Kingdom. The rules are simple; pin the other person’s toes to the ground. The common courtesy in toe wrestling is to remove your opponent’s socks and shoes for them before the duel. This activity, which has been around since 1970, now has a world championship tournament. In fact, following his 1997 world championship, Alan ‘Nasty’ Nash appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. By definition, toe wrestling is a sport.
I am glad there are things like toe wrestling to ensure that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. To me, toe wrestling should not be considered a sport. But then again, I really love my own opinions.


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