Rice Noodle at Taste of Asia

It’s a taste of home.

Taste of Asia s one of my favorite places to get home-like food. For me, it’s even better than many Chinese restaurants — it has a taste of home which I don’t get from other places.

Taste of Asia offers food from South East Asia like Vietnam, Phillipines and Thai Land. The food culture in my hometown which is located in south west China are greatly affected by people from these countries.

Rice noodle is a specialty at Taste of Asia. Rice noodle is not common in the Unites States. Common noodle is made from wheat and egg, yellow, while rice noodle is white. Common noodle is sticker than rice noodle but both are soft. Rice noodle is soft in a different way — it’s thinner and lighter.

Several different combinations with rice noodle are served at Taste of Asia, including sea food, pork, beef and duck. Along with the noodle and meat in a big bowl of soup, a plate of parsley, bean sprout and one or two pieces of lime are coming to the table as well. The soup is hot enough to cook the raw vegetables to the best point that’s crispy, fresh and smell good without losing its nutrition.

My favorite combination is beef and meat ball with rice noodle. The meat ball served in Taste of Asia is different from the common kind of meat ball Americans usually have. It’s chewy because it is made from beef tendon, flower and beef. It’s not all meat, so it has less fat and is healthier. When you chew it, your teeth squeezes the soup out of the meat ball, with its special fragrance; hone-like taste fills up your mouth.

I ask for extra lime every time. I squeeze the lime juice into the soup. I love the saucer taste from lime with abundant Vitamin C, natural and fresh. Spicy sauce is another must-have. Saucey and spicy creates the best home atmosphere for me. I love every part of the meal and I will finish the last drop of the soup.

Though the restaurant always serves rice noodle combinations with fresh parsley and bean sprouts, which have plenty fiber and vitamin, the soup is seasoned with aginomoto which is not always healthy. Some times, surprisingly, the cook can over-cook the rice noodle and it becomes soggy and looses its original great taste.  Because of where I grew up, I’ve tasted this special dish many times. Compared to the version of Asian food Americans seem to favor, rice noodle might be too exotic.  But if you’re willing to really indulge in the food from Asia, I feel you’ll enjoy the many flavors of Taste Of Asia, located at 2201 South 1st Street in Abilene.


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