Toilet Papering and the Fun It Can Bring!

Ever been toilet papered or gone toilet papering before?? It’s so much fun to go with your friends on an adventure whether in the night or day, though it’d be a little hard in daylight, and then make someone’s house snow white!

When I was in middle school, this group of guys would ALWAYS toilet paper my house along with a few of my friends on Friday nights. We loved it! We never knew what time of the hour they would hit our house, but every Saturday morning we would wake up to find our houses pure white, flowing with rolls and rolls over toilet paper. We in turn got dressed up in black and painted our faces, ready to go toilet paper their houses. Of course we were in middle school so our moms had to take us, but it was still a blast! Later, all of us girls would wonder why the boys usually caught us. We found out the moms usually called each other before the event to make sure it was all right if we came. Somehow, the boys would find out, and we were all surprised with water balloons and water guns upon our arrival.

One night however, I caught the group of boys toilet papering my house. My dad had heard a noise outside and woke me up. We peeked outside the upstairs window. Sure enough, there they were. My dad and I did not rain on their parade because the boys were having so much fun, we just couldn’t.  The next day, my mom told me the boys had used over 300 rolls of toilet paper!

Now when it comes to being toilet papered, some people’s point of view on this topic differ. My dad would usually clean up the mess, God bless him; but the one time I had to, it was not that much fun! Some parents will not allow kids to toilet paper their house because of the mess it creates.

And not all the time do people just get toilet papered. My friends and I made a pact to ONLY use toilet paper, but other people tend to “fork” other people’s yard when they are mad at that person or as a mean joke. This term means that people stick forks in other people’s yards, sometimes breaking off the tip because it makes the forks harder to find. Then when people mow their lawn, their lawn mower breaks down because forks get stuck in it. Not very nice if you ask me.

People not only use forks, but sometimes write little phrases in the drive way or on the sidewalk using ketchup, mustard, silly string, etc. This can be fun as long as the phrases are clean. Otherwise it’s hurtful or awkward when a parent reads those words.

One wise man once told me, “Experience shapes perception, perception is your reality.”

He had a rough experience with toilet papering growing up, and he does not really like the idea of it now. I wish people would keep it clean and out of a fun spirit, because it really can be enjoyable and something to love doing. If out of a mean spirit though, it can really bring someone’s view of the exciting feat way down.

One time in high school, my car got “donuted”. Weird I know.  A group of guys had gotten together one night and gone to the donut store. At night, the donut store would throw away all the left-overs. It only made sense why the boys would think of such a thing. The guys went around to random high schoolers cars and “donut” them. It was kind of funny.

This just goes to show that toilet papering can consist of toilet paper or many other different items. Toilet papering, for the right reasons and done out of respect for the person and their house, can be so much fun!! If you know the people well enough and have an understanding with them that you mean the prank as a joke, you should be ok. With that in mind, if you are bored one Friday or Saturday night, no matter how young or old you are, grab a group of friends and give toilet papering a try.


One thought on “Toilet Papering and the Fun It Can Bring!

  1. Toilet AIds says:

    Haha you may have a convert, looks like fun I may have to give that a go, cheers John

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