A Dreamer

I have the same dream at least five times in a year, repeatedly.

In the dream I was standing at the intersection of a road. In front of me, the road was divided into two directions. If I chose the way on the left, I would go into a cornfield where you cannot see the edge but only the horizon. It was green. I could smell the fragrance of new-grown corn plants. The sky was crystal blue. Wild flowers were blooming on the narrow paths across the field. I sat down on a path. I was young, pretty and happy as if I was back to my childhood when I was only five.

I chose to the path on the right, and the cornfield disappeared. A huge golden sand dune was glittering under the sunshine. The dune blocked my view. All I could see was a the sky up high, every molecule of the air was reflecting the color of sand and sunshine. I walked up to the top of the hill, an ocean spreading itself in front of me. The ocean was blue, and infinite. I was thrilled. I saw myself laughing with my mother, jumping and running on the golden beach. I had a scarf with delightful and bright colors in my hand: acid blue, amethyst, azure green and apricot. I raised the scarf and let it fly in the wind.

I was not willing to wake up because of the wonderful feeling in my dream. But I do not understand the reason why every time I went to the ocean, I could not see the ocean, vice versa. I loved and enjoyed both of them, but I did not understand why I could not have them at the same time.

I consulted a friend who knows some psychology. He asked me, “What’s does cornfield mean to you?”

I thought for a second, then replied, “Childhood. I grew up in a small town that had green cornfields that stretched far beyond the horizon. ”

He asked again, “How about ocean?”

“I traveled several years ago,and saw the ocean for the first time in my life. I loved it. But I could not see the oceans often. They are far away from where I am. I always want to visit again,” I answered.

He thought about it, then said, “I think the ocean symbolize your dream, your earnest wish, I mean, the future you want to have. The cornfield is your childhood memory. You believe that you need to give up things you love to pursue your future, and they are not compatible.”

My friend is very insightful. This dream means a lot more for me and has explained part of my life now. I will continue talk about dreams, our earnest wishes this coming week. Please comment if you have something, like your wishes or your night dreams that you want to talk about.


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