What Does A Government Shutdown Mean?

I’ve been following the debates in Washington that could lead to a government shutdown by the end of today.

For those who haven’t been following the news, here is an update.

Someone asked me, “What does this actually mean? The country can’t actually stop everything, right?”

To be honest, I didn’t have an answer, but this perked my “journalistic ears.” I begin looking into it and found an interesting article about the last time the government had a major shutdown for 21 days back in 1996. Here’s a link to the story from Miller-McLune.

So what did I find out? What should we expect?

While most government officials aren’t even sure who would still have to report to work, there are a few that we can be assured will stay working, according to Miller-McLune:
• Air traffic controllers
• Deployed troops
• Airport TSA screeners
• The U.S. Mint
• Federal prison guards
• Congress and the Office of the President
• The Treasury
• The Postal Service
• The Border Patrol and Coast Guard

It’s still pretty clear that millions will be pained by potential shutdown. There are some issues that I think will have some major impacts among the “common folk.”

The IRS will not process any paper returns during this time. This will affect me personally. I had to make a change to my tax return and the IRS required I submit it through the mail. Now I am stuck wondering when my check will come. As a broke college student, this bums me out a little.

Also, living in a military town  brought about another issue has been buzzing among some of my enlisted friends. US troop’s pay could be delayed. I have many friends that are supporting families solely on their military wages.  What will they do without their check?

The Federal Housing Commission will suspend loans. Small businesses and homeowners would be denied loans for a certain time.

Social Security and Medicare would continue working, although medical research would be halted.

The list could go on.

Until the deadline, stay updated with the government’s progress towards a compromise through CNN’s live blog.


One thought on “What Does A Government Shutdown Mean?

  1. It means that the people in government are fools if they let this happen!

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