Wildfires Ravage the Lone Star State

Burn bans are currently in effect in 195 of the state’s 254 counties.

Governor Perry has sent a letter to President Obama asking for him to declare the state a major disaster area.

I have lived in Texas all of my life. I have experienced droughts and grass fires, but nothing to this magnitude.

I had been following the news, but didn’t realize just how bad the fires had gotten until last Thursday. I was outside, filming a local concert and noticed that I kept having to brush dust off of the camera and myself. That’s when I realized it wasn’t dust, it was ash. I looked up at the moon and noticed the brown haze.

“They have called for evacuation in Rotan,” I heard a man say.

Although the fires were at least thirty minutes away, it was like they were burning right down the road. The smell of burning grass and smokey haze continues to linger in the air.

Since then, I have been staying up to date with the latest news regarding the fires.

There are currently six blazes:

1. Cooper Mountain Ranch Fire (162,000 acres, 80% contained): Fisher, Kent, Scurry, Stonewall counties.

2. East Sidywnicks Fire (3,000 acres, 95% contained): Eastland County

3. Jackson Ranch Fire (2,270 acres, 50% contained): Stephens County

4. County Road Fire (1,400 acres): Eastland County

5. Possum Kingdom West/Possum Kingdom East/ Hohertz Fire (55,000 acres, 10% contained): Stephens, Palo Pinto counties

6. Swenson Fire (120,000 acres, 90% contained): Stonewall, Knox, King counties

Over 1.5 million acres and 244 homes have been ravaged by the fires. High winds, high heat, and low humidity continue to feed the flames and The Texas Forest Service says the weather will only continue to make conditions worse this week. The Texas Forest Service has sent teams to help the crews fighting the fires. Most of these firemen are volunteers.

Take the time today and everyday until the fires are extinguished to pray for all of the people affected and all of the men and women bravely fighting these blazes.


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