Fly Thoughts

It’s funny how ideas can slip away from you. They are so fragile and delicate that most of them must be spoken out loud immediately, or else they lose their effectiveness and meaning. Even the idea I had for writing this post has slowly melted and decomposed the longer I have held on to it. But I’m going to try it anyway.

I recently came across the idea of thoughts and ideas acting like sand in your grip. No matter how tight you hold on to the sand, almost the same amount of sand will escape your hand every time. The “theory” is that the longer you hold on to your thoughts, the less meaning they hold. Let me give you an example. Have you ever been in a rapid-fire conversation with two or more people when countless topics arise in a short period of time? You could be talking about the greatness of baseball which leads your friend into a semi off-topic mockery of the Florida Marlins because he is a Phillies fan. That short conversation about the Marlins urges your other friend to talk about the Coral Reef because he happens to be a preservationist. That conversation leads to a discussion about life, which leads to aliens, which leads to God, which leads to Mozambique, and so on.

Eventually, your ideas that you wanted to share about baseball have diminished and lost most of their meaning. In fact, it would even be kind of awkward to bring baseball back up after all that chit-chat. Although you desperately want to discuss your baseball ideas, because of the wild goose chase conversations, the way you wanted to express your ideas have almost entirely gone.

This is actually kind of weird because I had the idea of writing about this while having a conversation with Dave Smith, the director of operations here at KACU. That conversation happened almost two weeks ago. Now, I have fallen victim to the very thing that I am blogging about! I feel as though my ideas have slightly slipped through my mind and I only have the leftovers to post to this blog.

I wonder if you have any thoughts on this idea. I think we have all been victim of the “sand in hand” conversations. If you do have thoughts on this idea, I would urge you to share it… as quickly as you can.


One thought on “Fly Thoughts

  1. Mom says:

    You have such deep thoughts. I feel very proud to have such an intellectual son. I love you

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