Good Ole’ Home Remedies.

The other day, a friend shared via Facebook that her little boy wasn’t feeling well. He was sick throughout the night, and the poor child couldn’t even keep water down. Another friend commented that to keep her son from getting dehydrated, she should prepare some jello.  But instead of placing it in the fridge to solidify, she should pour it in a glass and let it cool room temperature. Apparently, this recipe made a homemade version of Pedialyte. The friend swore by it, saying that it was not only cheaper than the store bought drink, but also that children tend to like it  better because it can be made in a variety of flavors.

This got me thinking, what other home remedies are hiding out there. I remember when I was little, my grandmother had a book titled, Natural Home Remedies. This book had a homemade answer for everything. Back then I didn’t pay attention to the huge book, now I am more than curious about successful home remedies.

I found a great collection of unusual home remedies on The People’s Pharmacy’s website, a show that you can catch on KACU Wednesday at 1pm.

Here are some I that found interesting:

1. Black pepper for cuts: I have always heard that if you are clipping your pet’s nails and you accidentally draw blood, place the paw in a pile of pepper. Well, did you know that you can put a bit of pepper on a cut or gash? It is supposed to stop the bleeding sooner and help the injury heal with minimal scarring.

2. Chocolate for hiccups: This remedy sounds delicious. Next time you get a case of the hiccups, grab a handful of chocolate chips. I think I feel a case coming on right now.

3. Coffee for asthma: This one is only considered a short-term remedy. For relief from wheezing, if the medicine will take a while to reach, a couple of cups of coffee could gave some relief. The caffeine in coffee is similar to the asthma medicine, theophylline.

There are many other remedies on The People’s Pharmacy, posted by experts and listeners.

A reminder that home remedies should not substitute for doctor and medical care. Should you encounter an emergency, contact medical professionals immediately.

Do you have a home remedy that you think everyone should know about? Share with us, I would love to hear it.


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