Facebook-holics, Twitter-heads, and other internet obsessions

Everyone has those few websites they visit everyday (okay, more like multiple times a day).

Of course there’s Facebook, Twitter, and other social network phenomena.

And you can’t forget that mandatory e-mail check, then a couple of Skype sessions. Oh, and then you browse over to YouTube to check out the latest laughing baby video.

I have decided to break out of the internet rut, and you should too. With millions of websites in existence, there are certainly other websites that are worth our spare time. **Important disclaimer: There are many websites that are not worth our time, as well**

As I set off on my quest for and internet goldmine, I thought I would share some of websites that are worth checking out, that you might not have known about.

1. Tablespoon.com

This website is dedicated to recipes, party tips, and all things “foodie”. Now, we aren’t talking the frou-frou foods that take hours to make, and ingredients  you have never even heard of, much less pronounce. For example, they have a section dedicated to rainbow foods. Rainbow cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and the list goes on. Rainbows make me happy, cake makes me happy. Rainbow cake, I’m pretty sure that’s the answer to world peace. They also have some offbeat recipes that make even the worst cook pull out the pots and pans. I’ve already started planning my dinner plans after coming across a recipe for red velvet-coated chicken fingers. Sounds interesting, they are supposed to be delicious. As my dad used to say, “Don’t knock it, till you’ve tried it.” The recipes are accompanied by step-by-step instructions, AND pictures, for the culinary-challenged. There are also links to other great food blogs. Definitely a must see.

2. Unusual Things

I came across this blog a couple of days ago. I haven’t read much of it, but it seems pretty interesting. There are some very unusual things discussed on this site. For example, a bean bag chair that looks exactly like a sleeping brown bear, a roof for your bicycle, fruit carvings… I’m sure you get the idea. A good website to learn about some very unique subjects. A lot of archived posts too, the site goes back to 2007.

3. The Daytripper

I couldn’t resist. This is one of my favorite shows. Texas is a huge state with so many things to do. Each episode of this show features the crew visiting a Texas town packing as many fun activities as possible into one day. And in true Texas fashion, most episodes involve a large plate of BBQ. You can catch this show on KERA on Saturday mornings, and also on other cities public broadcasting channels.Their website has a lot of great Texas information and more information about this show, another must see.

4. The Appetizer

I can’t forget this one. The Appetizer is a locally produced radio show featuring a wide array of music. Each episode features tracks from musicians you’ve heard of, but songs you haven’t indulged in. Also, music from up-and-coming artists. AND, interviews and exclusive sessions with many talented artists. The website has links to The Appetizer blog, Facebook, and the brand-new YouTube channel. In fact, an exclusive acoustic session with William Fitzsimmons has just been posted!

So what are you waiting for? Your email and Facebook page could use a quick break.

Know some other great websites? Fill us in, we’d love to hear them.


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