Quick! Write the Headline!

I never like to admit it, especially being a journalism major at Abilene Christian, but I don’t read newspapers for conventional reasons. In fact, unless I’m reading the sports page, I’m hardly ever actually reading news. I’m looking for other things.

I have a guilty pleasure.

Let me make something clear before I tell you what I read the paper for. News is extremely valuable. Journalism has given me a great appreciation for hard news, soft news, storytelling, writing and everything that goes along. I’m not downplaying the significance journalism plays in our world. In fact, I hope to see if anyone can identify with me.

I look for mess-ups in newspaper headlines — funny mess-ups.

Inadvertently funny newspaper headlines are what make the weightiness of news worth sifting through. Hypothetical situation; you are a journalist. You’ve been laboring on a news story all week and the five o’clock deadline is fast approaching. Time is ticking, five o’clock is moments away and you’re tweaking the last sentence of your article. You feel good about this story. You’ve interviewed the right people, gotten great quotes, your rhetoric is flawless and your editor is stunned with your skills.

It is time to turn in the article when you realize there is no headline! How can such an awe-inspiring newspaper article not have an astounding headline? You panic, deadline was thirty seconds ago. You quickly scan your wits to come up with a solution to your dilemma when you write this:

Oblivious to your unintentional pun, your story and your inspiring new headline run in the paper the next morning for the entire world to see.

It’s okay to laugh. I’ve learned that laughing at myself and my work has pushed me to become better at what I do. Enjoyment is something many people go without while on the job which is a saddening thought to me. Laughter is a line that can disconnect a job from enjoyment if we make a big deal out of ourselves; I pray that you cross it.

Here are some more funny newspaper headlines with Jay Leno!


Enjoy your day.


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