Wall Street vs. The NBA

As it’s been reported for the past several weeks, people are pissed at Wall Street.  Or at least that’s the perception.  The claim is that the Wall St protestors are angry at the wealth injustice in America and how people in the financial sector continue to give themselves raises, increase profits and benefit from others’ hard work while at the same time cutting back their work-force, laying people off, or not hiring new employees even after their companies produce profits in the millions and billions.  There’s merit to that, no question.

One thing I have continued to ask myself and my circle of friends since earlier this year is, why do we point the finger in anger at only some people in American society who are wealthy and not the more prominent people?  I’m namely referring to politicians and professional athletes.  In the spring, the NFL went into a lockout where multi-millionaire owners and players argued over who would cash in on TV contracts worth $9 billion.  Yeah that’s a lot of money.  Did anyone offer to give that money away, contribute it to the unemployed, create jobs for the jobless, or any endeavor to better our damaged economy?  No, they argued over who deserved what, what richness could be added to the already rich.  Where was the upset there?  I (sort of) hate to pick on the Dallas Cowboys but Jerry Jones is one of the wealthiest men in America (a billionaire I believe).  While he may be a stock-holder who has some investment on Wall Street, he also has pretty deep pockets and makes tons more money than the average individual, employed or unemployed.  Who stood outside his corporate office this off-season and protested the incredible amount of money he and his company (team) has made in a down economy?  Not to mention a third string player on his team who makes more money in one month than most of us have made before taxes in the last 2-5 years.  Where’s the protest?

This August the NFL players and owners came to some sort of agreement and they started their season on time.  So maybe that’s why there weren’t protests.  We now have pro football every Sunday.  I do know that whole sha-bang upset a few sports fans who were on the fence about whether they’d tune in for games this season. But I still see sold out arenas, people spending $90 for a Romo jersey (and after last week, last season, the season before that…I have to ask “Why?”), and fantasy football being played all over the place.  The lockout didn’t lose the NFL fanbase.  It’s alive and strong.  And each of those guys we cheer for makes more money than most of the people on Wall Street who are being terrorized by protestors daily.  I don’t want to necessarily defend the Wall Street people.  There’s a lot of greed, selfish ambition, and bad ethics going on there worth talking about.  I do want a more just form of protest.  If we’re going to cry out for equal pay for people in the work world, what about returning professional athletes to a pay scale similar to the 1950s and 1960s, where players on teams made an average wage versus the GDP of most 3rd world countries?

And what about politicians?  The GOP wants to have a debate every 2 weeks so a group of 8-10 people can tell you why they deserve to be the President of the USA a whole 13 months or more before the election takes place.  Is that healthy for the economy?  These people aren’t currently working for anyone.  Unless you count their campaign contributors.  But where’s the cry out for justice there?  Sarah Palin, whatever job she might have, is basically a political Snooki or Kim Kardashian, with her road trip around the country in the name of conservative politics.  Is she doing a documentary on how the average American is trying to budget themselves through this economic turmoil?  Is she doing research from business owners on what actual businesses need now to survive instead of what our political leaders have instituted that’s hurt the economy?  I don’t think so.  Is Rick Perry the current governor of Texas?  Doesn’t Texas have a budget deficit that needs fixing, hence the cuts of $400,000 to arts funding in Tx schools?  Should he be working to fix the state’s current problems before he tries to be an expert at solving the nation’s issues?  And not to only pick on the Republican/Conservatives as being guilty of this.  Last time I checked Barack Obama is the current President.  So why does he need to campaign for a job he already has?  Shouldn’t he be working more on fixing the country’s problems and (trying to) work with Congress on solutions to our current issues.  I know that takes time, energy, and patience.  It doesn’t take campaigning.  These people live off of someone else’s money.  They supposedly represent us, the people.  When was the last 9-5 job they had?  Who was the last boss they had who put real job expectations on them that they had to meet or else face getting cut (like you and I have)?  Yet politicians are some of the wealthiest people in the world, let alone in the country.  Where’s the protest?

Let’s just be fair.  We as Americans are constantly crying out for fairness, even if fairness is a concept that can’t be made into a reality in all situations.  We still want it.  If we the people really want an equal playing field, then why aren’t we there people lined up in front of the enormous houses of NBA players like Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and Lebron James?  Why aren’t we constantly demanding owners of these teams to do more for communities and participate in the betterment of our country more than just being ridiculously wealthy?  And let’s still be upset at the NFL players and owners.  Just because they solved their $9 billion squabble doesn’t mean that they’re suddenly immune to public scrutiny, especially in the realm of fairness for pay.  If I had the chance to work for 8 months out of the year and have a 2 month off-season that included holidays, all for the guaranteed salary of over $1 million for 1 year, or a multi-year deal worth tens of millions, I think that’d be a pretty good deal.  However, I get about 2 weeks vacation with my job and roughly $30K/year.  I’m not complaining, I enjoy my job and the role I play in the community.  But the pay scale and the perks aren’t in different worlds compared to pro athletes and owners and politicians, they’re in different universes.  In the name of fairness, I’d like to see some of these Wall Street protestors walk to a different street and demand that maybe Lebron James and Michael Vick are incredible athletes, but they make too much money.  And let fairness speak to that real issue.


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