World Series Game 4 Staff Predictions

The World Series is back in Arlington tonight in a pivotal game 4 match up between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals. Texas tied up the series at 2-2 yesterday in a 4-0 shutout. Earlier today, I was sitting down with KACU’s Meagan Freeman and Blane Singletary discussing the game. The conversation led to predictions. Meagan, wearing her Texas Rangers ALCS championship t-shirt, quickly took out a piece of paper and jotted down our predictions. Then we got the idea to poll the entire KACU staff.

Here are some things to take into consideration for the game tonight. This is the last game that will be played in Arlington, the winner only needs to win one more to claim the title, and each team has great home run hitters. Taking that and more into consideration, here is what us at KACU think will happen tonight.

KACU World Series Predictions (those who replied to my texts…)

  • Blane Singletary, Announcer – St. Louis edges Texas in a close one, 3-2.
  • Meagan Freeman, Announcer – Rangers edge St. Louis in a close one, 3-2.
  • Zane Goggans, Announcer – “Everybody is picking 3-2… I change my guess…” Rangers win big 10-3.
  • Kholo Theledi, The New Girl – “What is a normal score for baseball?” Texas loses, 3-2.
  • Caleb Robinson, Announcer – Rangers lose this one 5-3 (but only so Texas can win “epically” in the next two games).
  • Alek White, Announcer – Alek: “We lost 16-7”, Me: “That was two games ago, I need your prediction for tonight…”, Alek: “I would guess a win [for Texas] then, 10-6.”
  • Julie Coppedge, Announcer – Via text message: “Ouuuu ummm Rangers win 7-4 :)”
  • Keyi Zhou, Announcer – Rangers win in another close one, 30-28 (Keyi admits to not watching much baseball).
  • Sandy Byers, Traffic Manager – Texas will fall to the Cardinals again, 4-2. “Maybe by picking the Cardinals we can jinx them.”
  • Justin Brown, Budget Manager – Texas takes it, 5-3.
  • Dave Smith, Director of Operations – “Show me who’s pitching…” “Are they in Texas?” “2-0, Rangers.”
  • John Best, General Manager – Rangers win 4-3. “It’s gonna be a nail bitter!”

KACU Picks…

Rangers: 7 picks to St. Louis: 4 picks

Rangers win tonight, what do YOU think?


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