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World Series Game 4 Staff Predictions

The World Series is back in Arlington tonight in a pivotal game 4 match up between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals. Texas tied up the series at 2-2 yesterday in a 4-0 shutout. Earlier today, I was sitting down with KACU’s Meagan Freeman and Blane Singletary discussing the game. The conversation led to predictions. Meagan, wearing her Texas Rangers ALCS championship t-shirt, quickly took out a piece of paper and jotted down our predictions. Then we got the idea to poll the entire KACU staff.

Here are some things to take into consideration for the game tonight. This is the last game that will be played in Arlington, the winner only needs to win one more to claim the title, and each team has great home run hitters. Taking that and more into consideration, here is what us at KACU think will happen tonight.

KACU World Series Predictions (those who replied to my texts…)

  • Blane Singletary, Announcer – St. Louis edges Texas in a close one, 3-2.
  • Meagan Freeman, Announcer – Rangers edge St. Louis in a close one, 3-2.
  • Zane Goggans, Announcer – “Everybody is picking 3-2… I change my guess…” Rangers win big 10-3.
  • Kholo Theledi, The New Girl – “What is a normal score for baseball?” Texas loses, 3-2.
  • Caleb Robinson, Announcer – Rangers lose this one 5-3 (but only so Texas can win “epically” in the next two games).
  • Alek White, Announcer – Alek: “We lost 16-7”, Me: “That was two games ago, I need your prediction for tonight…”, Alek: “I would guess a win [for Texas] then, 10-6.”
  • Julie Coppedge, Announcer – Via text message: “Ouuuu ummm Rangers win 7-4 :)”
  • Keyi Zhou, Announcer – Rangers win in another close one, 30-28 (Keyi admits to not watching much baseball).
  • Sandy Byers, Traffic Manager – Texas will fall to the Cardinals again, 4-2. “Maybe by picking the Cardinals we can jinx them.”
  • Justin Brown, Budget Manager – Texas takes it, 5-3.
  • Dave Smith, Director of Operations – “Show me who’s pitching…” “Are they in Texas?” “2-0, Rangers.”
  • John Best, General Manager – Rangers win 4-3. “It’s gonna be a nail bitter!”

KACU Picks…

Rangers: 7 picks to St. Louis: 4 picks

Rangers win tonight, what do YOU think?


Favorable Underdogs

While favoring the big dog is often the most logical choice, favoring the underdog is often the most irresistible one.

The story of the underdog is a story that we can all relate to. I believe the reason why we want the little guy to take down the bigger guy is because we all feel like the small guy sometimes. When we watch the guy who isn’t expected to succeed do great things, it gives us the idea that we, too, can accomplish bigger things in our own lives. The triumph of the little guy gives us the “take on the world” attitude.

Sports are the easiest way that we convey our feelings about the little guy. Honestly, what sports movie is not about an underdog? From Seabiscuit to Cinderella Man to Rudy, it appears the underdog dominates the film industry, our hearts and imaginations.

Odds are, if you haven’t rooted for the little guy, you have bought your ticket to hop on some band wagon.

Some famous underdogs include Tom Brady, the 1968 New York Jets, the 1980 USA Hockey team, Rudy, Upset vs. Man O’War (100-1 0dds), Buster Douglas vs. Mike Tyson, Bob Knight vs. his temper, Tiger Woods vs. everyone, and Ricky Williams vs. weed.

Another prime example, and my personal favorite, is the 2005 NCAA National Championship football game. The USC Trojans, one of the most prestigious teams in all of football, were playing for their third straight title. On the other end of the field were the Texas Longhorns, who had not won a championship since 1970. All year, the Trojans were ranked number one, and Texas two. Reggie Bush won the Heisman Trophy and Vince Young came in with a second place finish.

The game was primarily back and forth until 2:09 left in the fourth quarter. USC was on its way to a victory, all they needed was two yards on fourth down to seal the deal. The Longhorn defense had other plans. Texas’ defense held USC to get the turnover on downs. The championship came down to fourth down and five from the USC eight yard line, Texas’ last chance at victory. With 19 seconds to play, quarterback Vince Young ran the ball into the corner of the end zone to put the Trojans in their place. Young finished with 200 rushing yards… Bush had an unimpressive 89.

The story of the underdog will always be one that I tell and retell the most. There truly is nothing better in sports than watching David kill Goliath.

The underdog will always be the favorite.

Quick! Write the Headline!

I never like to admit it, especially being a journalism major at Abilene Christian, but I don’t read newspapers for conventional reasons. In fact, unless I’m reading the sports page, I’m hardly ever actually reading news. I’m looking for other things.

I have a guilty pleasure.

Let me make something clear before I tell you what I read the paper for. News is extremely valuable. Journalism has given me a great appreciation for hard news, soft news, storytelling, writing and everything that goes along. I’m not downplaying the significance journalism plays in our world. In fact, I hope to see if anyone can identify with me.

I look for mess-ups in newspaper headlines — funny mess-ups.

Inadvertently funny newspaper headlines are what make the weightiness of news worth sifting through. Hypothetical situation; you are a journalist. You’ve been laboring on a news story all week and the five o’clock deadline is fast approaching. Time is ticking, five o’clock is moments away and you’re tweaking the last sentence of your article. You feel good about this story. You’ve interviewed the right people, gotten great quotes, your rhetoric is flawless and your editor is stunned with your skills.

It is time to turn in the article when you realize there is no headline! How can such an awe-inspiring newspaper article not have an astounding headline? You panic, deadline was thirty seconds ago. You quickly scan your wits to come up with a solution to your dilemma when you write this:

Oblivious to your unintentional pun, your story and your inspiring new headline run in the paper the next morning for the entire world to see.

It’s okay to laugh. I’ve learned that laughing at myself and my work has pushed me to become better at what I do. Enjoyment is something many people go without while on the job which is a saddening thought to me. Laughter is a line that can disconnect a job from enjoyment if we make a big deal out of ourselves; I pray that you cross it.

Here are some more funny newspaper headlines with Jay Leno!

Enjoy your day.

Always on My Mind

Travel is my favorite thing in the world to do. Plane trips, road trips, boat trips, family trips; even just driving around the Dallas metroplex makes me happy. Being on the move is almost a must-do for me. I can’t sit still! I gotta go!

This is the paragraph where I get to brag and tell you all the places I’ve been. I am 20 years old and have covered 40 states. In Texas, my travels extend from Texarkana to El Paso and from Amarillo to Corpus Christi. My abroad travels include Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Northern Ireland and England (which I will get to further experience in 6 days as I take a Study Abroad class in Oxford). Actually, my only England experience so far has been in the London-Heathrow airport for a few hours, so I’m not sure that counts. During Study Abroad, we will hit up France, Germany and possibly a couple other places. Yep, when it comes to traveling, friends, I’ve been everywhere (so I like to think).

Aside from studying in Europe and a possible road trip to Wyoming this summer, there is one destination I have been waiting to arrive at for several years. This destination has eluded my arrival ever since I was an early teenager. I have seen my family go seven times and have even been promised to be taken along, but those promises have come up short. I tried to go last summer, but my unprepared plans fell through. I am talking about Africa; poor, desolate, vibrant, beautiful, hungry, malnourished, majestic, wonderful Africa. On July 28, I will be on my way to Mozambique by way of Beltway Park Baptist Church for a mission trip with Iris Ministries. Finally, Africa is firmly in my sights.

But this coin has two sides. Sure, my shot at Africa has been assured, but why I’m going to the Motherland is far greater in purpose than a simple, selfish travel experience. Our trip is entirely focused on the people of Maputo. My team and I are staying at the children’s home which has around 500 children whose parents have died, abandoned them or have AIDS. Some of these kids were sold as slaves and prostitutes, even at toddler’s age. Our job and mandated mission is to love these kids with all our hearts by praying over them, eating with them, playing games and telling them about what Jesus did for them. But our service is not limited to the orphanage. Teams will be assembled to go into the hospitals and the streets of Maputo to evangelize and pray over the sick. The city dumps will be a hot spot as we sit in the trash with the poor who have nothing and no one. We are going all-out. I am longing for the culture shock and the rugged conditions of seeing widespread poverty, hunger and lack. I have always had a heart for mission work and I hope to continue it my entire life.

But one thing we will keep in mind, the ones we are serving are greater than we are. Yes I said it. The naked, hungry, diseased homeless man in the dumps is better than I am. I will be there to learn from him, not vice versa. Complete humility is the goal for me; the people of Mozambique have already achieved that. Africa is the birthplace of humility and lowliness which are two of the greatest qualities when talking about the Kingdom of Heaven. My team and I are servants of an inverse Kingdom that cannot be shaken. Who can stand against it?

My favorite quote of all time comes from an athlete-turned-missionary, C.T. Studd. The English cricketer served as a missionary in China, India and Africa from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. He famously said:

“Some wish to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell.”

On paper, Africa will be another box that is checked on my list of places to go. In eternity, Africa will go further than I have ever been. Happy trails.


Since the death of Osama bin Laden, there has been a lot of back-and-forth between Christians and American patriots. On that note, there has been even stronger differences amongst Christians, I feel. One of the big questions Christians are asking themselves is, “Should we be celebrating death?” I want to explore the arguments for both Christian viewpoints and discuss a Biblical view. There are highly intelligent people giving reasons to indulge in the swoop of national pride Americans are feeling, and there are equally intelligent people arguing for a more Biblical worldview. So let’s take a step back, stop shouting, catch our breath, and look into the teachings of Jesus.

First we will take the case of the “patriotic Christian”. The patriotic Christian loves his country; from unalienable rights, to our founding fathers, to the constitution, the patriotic Christian upholds his history. He raises his flag and recites the pledge of allegiance that brings him a sense of pride, honor and the freedom that God has blessed him with. He holds true that God has had a helping hand in the development of this fine nation. He supports his troops and prays they can return home safely, and is saddened when one falls. But most importantly, he believes in the Holy Bible.

The patriotic Christian views the death of Osama bin Laden as an act of global justice that brings the nation one step closer to peace and security. He found the news of bin Laden’s death to be a victorious day for America. This view comes out of a love for God and country. To back up his feelings towards injustice, he may resort to the Bible to show that bin Laden may have had this coming. For example, King David writes, “that you may plunge your feet in the blood of your foes…” (Psalm 68:23 NIV). Another popular scripture that the patriotic Christian loves to use also comes from the ancient Israeli king, saying, “O my God, I trust in You; Let me not be ashamed; Let not my enemies triumph over me” (Psalm 25:2 NKJV). These verses emphasize triumph and victory with the help and support of a loving God. Patriotic Christians may say justice has been served, and the Bible supports this claim.

So, what about the other Christian view? You know, the view that says Christians should not celebrate the death of bin Laden. We will call these Christians “Kingdom Christians” because of a focus on Heaven as a nationality rather than American nationality. Kingdom Christians see themselves as aliens in the United States, even if they were born here. The Kingdom Christian sees the United States as secondary in terms of allegiance. They hold the words of Jesus to be true, practical, and relevant to today’s society. They may see the Christian worldview as superior to any other worldview. They find freedom in relationship with Jesus, not in the nation’s constitution. The Kingdom Christian holds the view that God’s grace is available to everyone who calls on the name of Jesus, even if they are murderers.

The Kingdom Christian views the death of Osama bin Laden as an act of anger and revenge that was acted out of a bitter heart rather than godliness. They find the news of bin Laden’s death as saddening because the Kingdom Christian realizes that a man who did not know Jesus will spend an eternity in crisis. This view comes out of the identity of a child of God. The Kingdom Christian will instantly look into the teachings of Jesus to settle his argument. He will take verses such as, “But I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you…” (Luke 6:27 NKJV). He may even quote outside of the New Testament from the book of Ezekiel and say, “As I live, declares the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live…” (Ezekiel 33:11 ESV). Kingdom Christians find the thought of bin Laden surrendering to Jesus in his final moments to receive forgiveness, ultimately enlightening. Kingdom Christians say love your enemies and the Bible supports this claim.

So where are you? Personally, I give my allegiance to the Lord before I ever consider pledging to the United States. I uphold the Kingdom Christian worldview.

Where is the line? Who is crossing it? And where is Jesus in all the friction?

Fly Thoughts

It’s funny how ideas can slip away from you. They are so fragile and delicate that most of them must be spoken out loud immediately, or else they lose their effectiveness and meaning. Even the idea I had for writing this post has slowly melted and decomposed the longer I have held on to it. But I’m going to try it anyway.

I recently came across the idea of thoughts and ideas acting like sand in your grip. No matter how tight you hold on to the sand, almost the same amount of sand will escape your hand every time. The “theory” is that the longer you hold on to your thoughts, the less meaning they hold. Let me give you an example. Have you ever been in a rapid-fire conversation with two or more people when countless topics arise in a short period of time? You could be talking about the greatness of baseball which leads your friend into a semi off-topic mockery of the Florida Marlins because he is a Phillies fan. That short conversation about the Marlins urges your other friend to talk about the Coral Reef because he happens to be a preservationist. That conversation leads to a discussion about life, which leads to aliens, which leads to God, which leads to Mozambique, and so on.

Eventually, your ideas that you wanted to share about baseball have diminished and lost most of their meaning. In fact, it would even be kind of awkward to bring baseball back up after all that chit-chat. Although you desperately want to discuss your baseball ideas, because of the wild goose chase conversations, the way you wanted to express your ideas have almost entirely gone.

This is actually kind of weird because I had the idea of writing about this while having a conversation with Dave Smith, the director of operations here at KACU. That conversation happened almost two weeks ago. Now, I have fallen victim to the very thing that I am blogging about! I feel as though my ideas have slightly slipped through my mind and I only have the leftovers to post to this blog.

I wonder if you have any thoughts on this idea. I think we have all been victim of the “sand in hand” conversations. If you do have thoughts on this idea, I would urge you to share it… as quickly as you can.

Food Optimists

The ACU Locavore Club will host the Just Food Fair at ACU’s Moody Coliseum with renowned author Joel Salatin.

The Just Food Fair is intended to help students and ACU discover how locally grown food systems can benefit particular aspects of agriculture, community, culture and the body. Educating students and ACU about the Locavore Club philosophy is the goal of the Just Food Fair.

The philosophy of the Locavore Club is “to promote the health, environmental, social and spiritual benefits of locally-grown food, and to participate in sustainable, small-scale agricultural systems,” according to the club Facebook page. The fair will host a farmer’s market from 4:30-6:30 pm tonight.

“The Just Food Fair is a more equal and just system to produce and consume food,” said Jon Camp, assistant professor of communications.

Matthew Hale, senior communications major from Uvalde serves as president of the Locavore Club. Hale said that the ACU Dining Services are more open to the thought of switching to the Locavore philosophy than he thought. Hale believes the switch in philosophy is a choice of morality.

“Real food truly nourishes producers, consumers, communities and the earth,” Hale said.

Joel Salatin, a Virginia farmer and author of You Can Farm, will be the featured speaker. Salatin raises livestock at Polyface, Inc using natural methods for feeding and production of meat. Salatin made an appearance in the 2008 documentary film, Food, Inc. examining commercial farming.

“He’s a real crazy farmer guy,” Hale said.

Salatin and the Locavore Club ate at Bonterra Blu in Clyde last night where Chef Joel Trublood has a similar food production philosophy as the Locavore Club, according to Hale. Dinner is $50 per plate with all proceeds going to the Locavore Club. Locavore members served tables and had a maxed capacity.

In the middle of the Just Food Fair, Salatin will speak during a 2-credit Chapel forum from 5-6 pm. He will sign autographs until 6:30 pm. The World Famous Bean will be offering an organic meal option for dinner. The meal will cost two meal plans.

Salatin’s final stop will be in the Brown Library Atrium for a coffee house discussion where Salatin and a 6-7-farmer panel will discus farming philosophy and local farming missions.

The Sport That Kind Of Is…

I absolutely love my own opinions. That’s why I come up with them. I feel that my opinions are absolutely perfect and anyone who has an opposing opinion is wrong. But come on, who doesn’t feel that way?
I have always been a sports nut, and I like to think that I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to most sports. In sports, opinions can be just as serious and controversial as any other topic. Sports should be taken seriously… or… should they?
When it comes to deciding what a sport is, I used to be kind of choosey. In my mind, there were just some things that should not be considered a sport. If you are an American, typically the things that pop into your mind when you think of the word “sports” are football, basketball and baseball. Hockey may come to some people’s minds, but I leave that sport to our friends who have leaves as national symbols.
I used to be very careful when calling something a sport. For example, I used to think that golf was just a hobby that you could get really good at. I didn’t consider golf to be a sport because, to me, a sport was a noun followed by the word “ball.” Ping Pong, Frisbee, gymnastics, cheerleading, cricket, and at one point, tennis were just activities that people did. They were not sports to me. It was only a few years ago that I grew up, looked at the definition of sport, and realized that there are actually many more sports than I thought.
The very first time that I played tennis was in Searcy, Arkansas. I was at church camp at Harding University and we had a lot of recreation time during the day. My friends, who played tennis, decided to hit up the courts. I followed suit thinking that it wouldn’t be that hard… Needless to say, I was demolished. For a lack of a better word, I sucked. I still may be choosy, but I decided then and there that tennis was indeed a sport. As the years have gone by, I have come to accept the other “hobbies” that I mentioned to be sports as well.
HOWEVER, there are still those “activities.” In my world, and I hope in yours as well, toe wrestling is not a sport. As gross as toe wrestling sounds, it has quite a following.
Toe wrestling is an activity that is actually growing in popularity in the United Kingdom. The rules are simple; pin the other person’s toes to the ground. The common courtesy in toe wrestling is to remove your opponent’s socks and shoes for them before the duel. This activity, which has been around since 1970, now has a world championship tournament. In fact, following his 1997 world championship, Alan ‘Nasty’ Nash appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. By definition, toe wrestling is a sport.
I am glad there are things like toe wrestling to ensure that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. To me, toe wrestling should not be considered a sport. But then again, I really love my own opinions.

His Savior Prefers Wranglers

Just a few weeks ago, I was surfing YouTube in search of something to laugh at. I saw videos of laughing babies, stumbling giraffes, sneezing pandas and rookie sports announcers fumbling on their words. I enjoy watching people mess up on their words, speeches or reports. It’s funny to me. I can relate to them because I do it all the time. It’s nice to not take ourselves too seriously.

But I came across a video while searching “worse preacher ever,” and clicked on the first video on the list. A preacher by the name of Steven Anderson, an independent Baptist preacher at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona started preaching. Right away I could tell something was off… I had seen this kind of preaching before… from churches like Westboro Baptist Church, founders of

Anderson has spent entire Sunday mornings speaking on the term “pisseth” and how it is used six times in the Old Testament. He says that real men “pisseth against the wall” and the Germans do not. In a radio phone interview, he said he would like to see all homosexuals executed. In my opinion, it goes without saying that this man lives in absence of the Holy Spirit.

However, this particular sermon I watched was not about Obama, homosexuals, carrying guns or Jews. It was about Jesus… wearing pants. Not a robe… pants… like what I am wearing.

The entirety of the sermon was about how much less of a man Jesus would be if he wore “robes, dresses or skirts.” He also backed up his claims (or tried to) with Scripture from the Old Testament (when Jesus was not yet man). It was so important to him that Jesus wore pants that he spent an entire Sunday morning on the topic.

Here’s the deal… is it important that Jesus wore pants and not a robe? Is that the most important thing the church is facing? If so, then I think we are doing pretty well! Forget the fact that divorce rates are higher for Christians than non-Christians. Forget that 160 million 5-year-olds are malnourished.  Don’t worry about the fact that the United States is the #1 country in the world for child prostitution.  It’s not important that Abilene has 836 homeless children… Jesus wore pants! Hallelujah!

What is the most important thing that Jesus’ church is facing? The list of things above are good places to start. Is there any relevance for starving people to know that Jesus wore pants? Is that going to feed orphans or speak life and edification into people? Not a chance.

His savior wore pants. Revelation says my Savior wears robes dipped in blood.

“No Sir, They’re Just Wire Cutters!”

Have you ever put “weird laws” into Google? If not, you should definitely try it sometime. There are hundreds of strange, weird, odd and flat-out dumb laws out there. It’s a fun thing to do if you have some down time.

You will come across some real funny stuff. For example, it is illegal to run out of gas in Youngstown, Ohio.  People who make “ugly faces” at dogs will be fined in Oklahoma.  You may not bathe without clothing from neck to knee in Oregon. All birds have the right-of-way on all highways in Utah. It is even illegal to pretend that your parents are rich in the state of Washington.

Where do these seemingly silly laws come from? Well, it turns out that most of these unusual rules were actually enforced in the past. Most of these laws were made many years ago. The laws were simply over-looked and never taken out of law, so they stayed, leaving us with a lot of laughs. Think about it, what horrifying event happened that made it illegal to whistle underwater in Vermont? Sometimes the “why” is funnier than the “what.”

So does Abilene have any weird laws of its own? It sure does!

There are two laws that Abilene has that makes you wonder. The first one is: it is illegal to carry wire cutters in your pocket. I think it is safe to assume that this law came into being when Abilene was mostly farm land. Still, it’s an interesting thing to think about and has probably been broken thousands of times.

The second weird Abilene law is: it is illegal for anyone to loiter within corporate city limits for the purpose of flirting. Something must have gone terribly wrong for such a specific law. Every time I think of this law I try to imagine the worst possible situations that made this activity illegal, but I just can’t come up with one.

So there you have it, two no-no’s to avoid when headed to work today. Before you walk into the building, please check your pockets. And be sure you mind your manners during lunch break.